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French Computing 

Les Trois Petits Cochons

Class 2 have been learning the story of the 3 Little Pigs in English and French over the last few weeks. This has inspired Emily to create this animation, using the vocbulary she has developed over the course of her learning. We are incredibly proud of her creativity and effort to create such a masterpiece! Fantastique! 


Mental Health Awareness Week  

This week is Mental Health and Awareness week. To celebrate this, the school has some new books relating to mental health and wellbeing to share with the children.

As part of Collective Worship, we have also been looking at wellbeing. The video below shares 5 ways children and adults can support their wellbeing. 



Class 1, as part of their fairy tale topic, have been learning the story of 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. In their design and technology lessons, they have been making pinch pots with clay.

Class 1 also had a very special visit this week from one of Rachael's chickens! The children were fascinated by their visitor and enjoyed having their own 'Chicken Little' in school. 



This week we took delivery of 68 brand new reading books. As part of our gold membership with the Education Library Service, we are entitled to a new selection of books every year to add to our already extensive library. The children are looking forward to getting stuck into some great reads. 


Local history  

Class 3 have been investigating local history within the local church. The children looked for gravestones with the same surnames as themselves and found some graves that dated back over 200 years. 


Writing & French - 3 little pigs 

Class 3 have been learning the story of the 3 little pigs in both English and French. Their French vocabulary has improved greatly, they have created wanted posters and acted out the story. Over the last couple of weeks, Class 2 have also had some surprise visitors from the story of the 3 little pigs, who they have interviewed to gain more information for their writing. 



Class 2 have been taken part in a fraction treasure hunt, looking for equivalent fractions hidden around the school by Mrs Dunn. 



As part of their Fairy Tales topic, Class 1 have been learning about Jack and the beanstalk. In science they have been planting vegetables and flowers in our raised beds, carrying out research about native wild plants and learnt the parts of a plant. They have also been carrying out experiments to find the best place for a seed to grow. 

The children have written their own instructions about how to grow a beanstalk and Reception children worked together to write some instructions about how to climb a beanstalk.


Geography Fieldtrip 

Class 3 visited the local woods to study the East Looe river. The name Duloe derives from Due-Loo, which means 'Two Loos', describing the fact that the parish is situated between the East and West Looe rivers.

The trip combined the learning the children have been doing in geography about the features of the river with their learning in computing, as they are creating their own multi-media presentation about rivers using the KeyNotes app. 


School Allotment  

The children have been making the most of the fine weather by getting into the school allotment, weeding the beds and planting potatoes and shallots. Hopefully, we will now get some rain to help everything grow.

The school would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Tucker for supplying the vegetables and for keeping an eye on the allotment. 


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