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English, Geography, Science and Computing  

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.Class 1 have been exploring the properties of materials during science week, creating a wonderful autumn poem and using the ipads to locate Duloe on Google Earth and then walking in the village locating the places they saw on the ipads and marking on their maps.


Outdoor Maths 

Class 2 have been using their mathematical skills to create these wonderful pictures that have been created using their times tables. 


Is everything you need in Cornwall? 

As part of their 'Is everything you need in Cornwall?' topic, the children took their maths outdoors to Duloe's stone circles and measured the stones, calculated the perimeter and considered how hard it must have been to move them from Herodsfoot. As part of their History, they they imagined they were Bronze age people and thought why they may want a stone circle. The children had lots of good ideas: there was no church, as Jesus hadn't been born so they needed somewhere to worship their gods; they would have thought the sun and moon were magic so wanted to go somewhere special to watch; maybe to bury people as the stones look like graves. Some children were a bit concerned that human bones had been found in an urn!


Celebrating Difference 

Each class this week has been focusing on 'Celebrating Differences' as part of our learning in PHSE. Class 1, 2 and 3 have seen the importance of differences in people and the need to celebrate them. Class 3 looked at the issue of racism and made links to the current Black Lives Matter movement. 


Nursery Blast Off 

The children in Nursery have been learning all about space this week and have showed off their creative skills, by designing and building their own space station. It looks like Duloe has some future astronauts!!! 


Science Week 

Class 3 have been experimenting scientists this week, learning about materials and reversible and irreversible reactions. They made a selections of 'muds' and had to decide how to reverse the compounds by using evaporation, cooling, filtering or sieving.

We also had a lot of fun mixing bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and seeing how the irreversible reation changed, when we changed the variables. 


Remembrance Day 

At 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, children from Duloe held a minutes silence at the war memorial in Duloe to remember those who have paid the ultimate price. The children also laid a wreath at the war memorial.

Thank you for all of your generous donations towards the Poppy Appeal over the last week, by buying poppies and wristbands. 



Harvest Charity 

We would like to say a huge thank you for all of your kind donations toward the Shoe Box appeal. These Christmas boxes, donated by the children and families of our school, will be donated to disadvantaged families in Eastern Europe. 


Physical Education 

All the children at Duloe have been taking part in a virtual sports competition against other schools in Cornwall. The children have carried out a number of athletics challenges, including sprinting and throwing.


Art and Design 

Class 3 have been showing off their artistic skills by using acrylic paints to paint a local scene, in the style of local artist Brian Pollard. 


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