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Chris Husk's Last Assembly 

Posted: 10/07/2019
Veronica White

Chris Husk, from the Liskeard and Looe Methodist Circuit, is retiring from doing school assemblies after many years of visiting Duloe and other local schools. 
Chris is a wonderful story teller and the children enjoyed all her assemblies. She started in Duloe in 2007 and  always came prepared with resources, tales, hymns and prayers. She had all the children entranced by her stories and she will be missed. Chris was a teacher in Duloe School for five years in the 1970s. The children made her lovely cards and presented her with flowers. Thank you Chris for your many years of dedication.


First Friday Assembly 

Posted: 08/07/2019
Veronica White

Book Presentation at First Friday Assembly

Every First Friday of the month Rev Chloe has our collective worship in St Cuby's church. Today she surprised the children in Reception Class and Year 6 with a book presentation. Year 6 were presented with 'The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook' which is a book which encourages young people to think about prayer. She congratulated Reception class on finishing their first year at school and presented each child with a Bible storybook which has lovely illustrations. Thank you to Rev Chloe for this lovely surprise for our Year 6 and Reception class children.


Area Sports in Liskeard 

Posted: 03/07/2019
Veronica White

Congratulation to our School sports team who on Monday night came second in the Area Sports event at Liskeard school. The team acquitted themselves fantastically. 
The girls team especially performed to a very high standard winning many of their events. 
Special mention goes to Pippa who won the 600m race having stepped in at the last moment to represent our school. Many younger children stepped in to fill places in older year groups when we didn't have enough athletes.
We were very proud of our team who showed responsibility, determination, excellence and enthusiasm throughout the whole evening.
Fabulously well done everyone.


Health and Wellbeing Week Day 5 

Posted: 03/07/2019
Veronica White

Sports Day Friday

We had a fantastic crowd of parents, family members and friends supporting our very busy Sports day. Every child in the school was given the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of events - obstacle races, skipping races with hoops or ropes, flat races, 150m race, shuttle relays and a spoke relay race. Year 6 showed wonderful leadership skills in making sure younger children knew what they were doing and setting up all the events.


Health and Wellbeing Week Day 4 

Posted: 03/07/2019
Veronica White

A Day of Alternative Sports

Three members of Arena staff along with school staff organised a day of alternative sports. The school was separated into three groups and the children experienced six different sports through out the day. The sports included Frisbee, Lacrosse, Boccia, Croquet, Street Dance and Yoga and Relaxation. The children loved participating in  the different sports especially the Frisbee and Lacrosse. 
Introducing a new or alternative sport to children is a really good way of engaging everyone because there are no preconceived attitude towards them, everyone starts off at the same point and it can lead to more open mindedness from participants. 


Health and Wellbeing Week Day 3 

Posted: 26/06/2019
Veronica White

Class 1 and Pre-school had road safety awareness today with PCSO Cocks. The children enjoyed 'crossing the road' and learning about Stop, Look, Listen and Think. In the classroom they watched a short film and learned the Safer Journey Anthem. 
The children talked about travelling in cars and why it is important to always wear your seat belt and not distract the driver.


Health and Wellbeing Week Day 2 

Posted: 25/06/2019
Veronica White

With the help of Arena Sports coaches our work today involved the whole school taking part in a fun filled timetable. There were workshops with Sugar Smart Detectives and Sugar Smart games making children aware of sugar content in food. The children made healthy food with various fruits. They took part in Pilates lessons in the bee and butterfly garden. Mrs Dunn ran a workshop called Train like an Astronaut. We feel it is essential to increase awareness of the importance of promoting and protecting children’s emotional wellbeing and good health and how this connects to learning.


Health and Wellbeing Week Day 1 

Posted: 25/06/2019
Veronica White

Decathlon Athletes Visit

Athletes Jack Turner and Ollie Thorner started off Health and Wellbeing week by inspiring the children with their stories about their journey to representing Great Britain in the European Athletics U18 Championships in Hungary. During assembly they talked about who inspired them, their achievements, diet and training, obstacles they had to overcome and their love of sport. They put the classes through their paces with workshops afterwards and really engaged well with the children.


MacMillan Jurassic Coast Walk 

Posted: 16/06/2019
Veronica White

This fantastic group of people - staff, parents and friends of Duloe Church of England Primary  completed the gruelling Jurassic coast Macmillan walk - approximately 26 miles along a very hilly route - on Saturday 15 June 2019.
They have currently raised just short of £3000 pounds for cancer research. Mrs Dunn, our Wellbeing Champion, suggested this event and was delighted with the response. Other members of staff and friends acted as back up teams, driving the walkers and meeting them along the route. 
A superb and very enjoyable team effort.


Church FLowers 

Posted: 16/06/2019
Veronica White

Year 2 decorate the church.

Mrs Rice and the children from Year 2 went to St Cuby's church of Friday to arrange the flower. They checked all the displays in the church first and then made their own arrangements. The school contributes to the church flower arranging rota for two weeks of the year. When they returned to school they said that the church 'looked stunning.' Please go into the church to see their efforts. 


A visit to the Police Station! 

Posted: 22/05/2019
Veronica White

A couple of months ago 2 of our pupils found a sum of money by the side of the road. They took this money to the police station and were told if it wasn't claimed then it would be returned to them!

On Thursday they were invited to Looe Police station to be presented with the money which wasn't claimed. 

Sergeant James Drake of the Devon and Cornwall Police complimented the girls on their honesty and integrity in handing in the money.

We are very proud of the girls for demonstrating such high moral values and being role models to others. Congratulations girls.


Summer Questionnaire 

Posted: 16/05/2019
Veronica White

Dear Parent/Carer, 
Our summer 2019 Parent and Carer Questionnaire is now live.
Simply use the link below

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. 
We will share the results prior to the end of the summer term.


Film Premiere 

Posted: 29/04/2019
Veronica White

Creativitea Film Premiere

The film, which was made during the Creativitea Train trip in February, had its premiere in Liskeard Town Hall. There was a large audience and lots of children from Duloe attended with their families. They were excited to see themselves on the screen and hear the reminiscences of the older passengers who had travelled the Looe Valley Line over the years.  Mrs Rice is the first person interviewed!
Sally Crabtree, the aritist and author who worked with the children before the train trip, and Rebecca Catterell from Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership were there too. The film can now be viewed on their website 


Easter Week Day 3 

Posted: 03/04/2019
Veronica White

The Last Supper

Rev Chloe explained that Jesus wanted to teach his friends an important lesson by washing their feet. He knew that he wouldn’t be with them much longer because he was soon going to die. He wanted his friends to remember that he loved them so much that he became like a servant to them. 
After this all the disciples sat together to eat the Passover feast. The children sang Easter songs to the tunes of Nursery rhymes and shared the bread and 'wine' (juice) like Jesus did at The Last Supper.


Easter Week Day 2 

Posted: 02/04/2019
Veronica White

The Den of Thieves in the temple

Today Rev Chloe set up St Cuby's Church as the temple - the children had to pretend to be market traders, soldiers, shoppers, beggars and thieves - she said they could be very noisy! Rev Chloe took on the part of Jesus and when she shouted very, very loudly - 'This is God's house' , and she flipped over a table and sent money flying everywhere, everyone was very shocked and stopped what they were doing. The children had to think about how each of their characters would have reacted when Jesus did this in the temple. Tomorrow we will think about The Last Supper.


Rev Chloe's Easter Week Day 1 

Posted: 02/04/2019
Veronica White

Palm Sunday

Every day this week Rev Chloe's assemblies are based on Easter Week. Monday's assembly was outside the church and the children reenacted the procession of Jesus and his followers into Jerusalem and marching Roman soldiers. The children had palm crosses and waved them shouting Hosanna as they processed from outside the school into the church grounds. Rev Chloe invited the children to think about how ordinary people might have reacted to seeing the events of that day.


Read for Good 

Posted: 19/03/2019
Veronica White

Sponsored Read 

Research has shown that children who enjoy reading and spend more time reading for pleasure have better reading and writing skills, a broader vocabulary, and an increased general knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
Thank you to Mrs Dunn for organising our sponsored read - we raised a wonderful £168.50 for books for children in hospital. Well done to all the children and families who took part. Reading for pleasure has a dramatic impact on educational outcomes, wellbeing and is also a huge pleasure in itself.
The school has been given a voucher for £33.70 and also a selection of free books. .

Cece is the winner of the £10 National Book token for raising the most money!


Red Nose Day 

Posted: 17/03/2019
Veronica White

Red Nose Day

Rev Chloe came to school at the end of the day and engaged all the children in an exciting and 'catchy' singing assembly. Collective worship gives pupils and staff the opportunity to engage in an act of community while exploring the big questions of life and responding to national events and affirming our Christian value of Friendship, which we are concentrating on this term.

Thank you to everyone who came to school dressed in red and for donating a fantastic £114 towards the worth while charity.


Miro Project Started 

Posted: 13/03/2019
Veronica White

Miro Sculpture Planning in progress..

Today was the start of our Miro Sculpture project with artist Sean Hewitt. The children learned about the Spanish artist Miro and studied some of his work. They then looked at the alphabet in the style of Miro and using this for inspiration created an image of their own names.
Following on from this they created fish designs which will eventually be used as part of a large sculpture which will be placed in the playground.


Cinderella Ball 

Posted: 13/03/2019
Veronica White

Class 1's Cinderella Ball

The children have written fantastic stories based on Cinderella. They have made their own versions of the fairytale and enjoyed sharing their stories. Today Class 1 was transformed into a ballroom. There was dancing and music. There was food and drinks to share. The children made a pinata which caused great excitement when broken. They linked their Cinderella fairy tale to a Spanish version of the story which is part of the whole school topic this term - Why do people go to Spain on their holidays?


World Book Day 

Posted: 10/03/2019
Veronica White

Big Booky Breakfast and Shared Read

Thank you to our PTFA who provided tea and crumpets for our Big Booky Breakfast on World Book Day. Parents and children arrived in school from 8:30 and enjoyed breakfast together before going to the classrooms and making themselves comfortable to share books and stories. We had an excellent turn out. There was a fantastic array of costumes including dragons, princesses, explorers and enormous crocodiles!

Reading together for just 10 minutes a day can really improve reading outcomes for children. Sharing stories can take place anywhere and anytime and will improve reading skills, improve vocabulary and understanding of structure of stories. Reading with your child at home and writing in their reading diary is very worthwhile.


Wild Tribe Cabin 

Posted: 27/02/2019
Veronica White

Wild Tribe Cabin Progress

Thank you to our wonderful PTFA and group of parents who gave their time over half term to starting to build our Wild Tribe Cabin. It will be a wonderful resource for the school.

We are keen to use our outdoor space in a fun and interactive way. The Wild Tribe programme successfully meets the needs of the curriculum and provides teachers and teaching assistants with the tools to use the outside in an innovative way with children, teaching them to manage challenge and risks safely.

Lots of people have made donations to our Wild Tribe fund and sponsored various items - tools and equipment. Please see our sponsor form in the office if you feel you can help.
It's all very exciting.
Thank you.


CreativiTEA Train Trip 

Posted: 12/02/2019
Veronica White

Tuesday 12th February  CreativiTEA 

Class 2 enjoyed a trip on the train from Liskeard to Looe and back again as part of a creative writing project supported by Sally Crabtree. The Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership were making a CreativiTEA event film to document the Looe Valley Line heritage project. The children travelled with an invited guest, an older member of the community, and interviewed them about their memories of the Looe Valley Line.

The children prepared for the event by writing and eating their words (written on edible rice paper)! They designed edible paper decorations for cakes which they enjoyed on the train. The children decided on interview questions to put to their guests about their railway experiences. Some of the guests told them about picking flowers along the railway line when they were young, going to work on the train and travelling to the seaside in Looe.

Thank you to Rebecca Cattrell (DCRP) and Sally Crabtree who worked with us on the project.


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