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Religious Education 

Class 3 have been learning about Islam this half-term. Today the children selected one of the commandments from Surah 17. They acted out a scene in which a Muslim might find it difficult to keep the commandment. They freeze-framed the action at the critical point. One member of the group narrated what the person was thinking and highlighted the decision-making process. Then they continued with the action so the audience could see what the person decided to do.


Chess Club 

Chess club has been a huge hit with the children. Many of the children had never played before and some are already budding grandmasters! It is great to see the children having a great time playing with each other and learning a new skill. 


Religious Education 

Class 3 have been investigating the question: What is it like to be a Muslim in Britain today? We looked at British Muslims taking part in their pilgrimage to Mecca. This is known as Hajj and is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. During the ritual, Muslim pilgrims throw pebbles at three walls (formerly pillars) to warn off the devil. Class 3 reinacted this event (using tennis balls rather than pebbles). 


Bee and Butterfly Garden 

During the summer holidays, the school hosted the Duloe flower show. To say thank you, the committee very kindly donated £40 to the school. We therefore thought it was fitting to spend the money on improving our bee and butterfly garden. Rachael and Isla very kindly purchased the plants and Class 2 had the opportunity to plant them.  



As part of our local study, Class 1 have been looking at an interactive 3D model of St Cuby's church. They have explored these models in class and then visited the church to find them in real life. 



Class 2 have been carrying out some geography field work as part of our local study of the church and the village. The children have been looking at aerial photos, maps, directions and drawing their own maps.  



Our new LEGO robotics club has been a huge success. The children have been developing their coding skills to design a mini-golf course. The club is run by Cognition Learning who have done an awesome job inspiring the children and making them have a lot of fun along the way. 


Religious Education 

As part of a competition run by the diocese of Truro called 'Spirited Arts', the children designed and painted works that expressed the beauty and also the fragility of the earth. 


Art and Design 

Class 3 have been learning about tone in their art lessons and have been painting inspired by our local church, St Cuby's. The paintings will be displayed within the church at our service in October to celebrate the church's 700th anniversary



Class 3 have been carrying out some local fieldwork in their geography lessons. The children have been mapping our local area as we have been carrying out a local study to celebrate the 700th anniversary of St Cuby's church.


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