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Year 1 Learners 

Class 1 have been very busy learners this week: Wild Tribe has seen the children working together to make rain sticks; there has been a bread-making workshop led by a professional chef, balance-ability has seen the children developing their cycling skills with the help from one of our Arena coaches and they have been making bird food to help encourage wildlife into our school garden. .


Youth Speaks Champions 

A huge congratulations to Lawrence, Toby and Perran who have been crowned winners of the Liskeard and Looe Youth Speaks competition. The boys decided to base their presentation on their school topic, answering the question, 'Why save the rain-forest?'

The boys are pictured with Mandy Clarke, who did a fantastic job in preparing the children for the competition. 

We look forward to seeing how the children get on in the next round of the competition in March. 

Well done boys!



Music - Rain-forest 

As part of Class 3's topic, 'Why save the rain-forest?' they have been learning songs related to indigenous rain-forest tribes and created their own composition based on the sounds of the rain-forest. Class 3 then presented their composition to the whole of the school during Collective Worship.


PE Visit 

As part of Duloe's link with Looe secondary school, PE teacher, Mr Webster, visited Duloe to provide a PE lesson for Class 2. The children really enjoyed the lesson, where they got to develop their throwing and catching skills - as well as making an awful lot of noise! Thank you Mr Webster!



Year 3 took part in Bikeability training, provided by instructor Jenny Nash, where they learned how to ensure their bike is in good condition to use on the road and key skills for keeping safe. 



As part of Collective Worship, children at Duloe also have the opportunity to write their own prayers and leave them in a prayer box. Prayers that are written on green paper will be prayed for by Rev. Chloe and displayed in St Cuby's Church, while prayers on red paper are private prayers and will be prayed for by Rev Chloe, but not displayed. 

To re-launch this initiative, the whole school took part in a prayer writing activity, where children from different classes worked together to support each other with the writing of their prayers.


Buddy's Rain-forest Adventure - Author Visit 

As part of Class 3's topic, 'Why save the Rain-forest?' they were lucky enough to have had a visit from author Ellie Jackson who read her book, 'Buddy's Rain-forest Adventure'. 

The story is about an orangutan from Borneo who has his habitat destroyed and his primary rain-forest cleared to develop palm oil plantations.

The children were truly inspired by the visit and are currently writing a sequel to Buddy's Adventure, which they will enter into BBC Radio 2's 500 words competition.

The children have also been investigating what they can do to support orangutans in Borneo... 


Feet-up Friday Reading  

Class 3 have decided to embrace 'Feet-up Friday Reading'. To help encourage a love of reading, Class 3 have decided to start their Friday mornings by kicking off their shoes, putting their feet on the table and reading a good book. What a lovely way to start the day!


Reading Stars 

It has been wonderful to see all of the children once again following the Christmas break. Thank you for supporting your children with their reading over the festive children. We are delighted with the amount of children coming back into school ready to collect their next reading karate belt!

Class 2 have also got straight back into their reading and writing by creating their own stories and making their own books, based on their topic question, 'Why save the rain-forest?' Class 2 then shared their books with Class 1 and Nursery, who were very impressed by their writing. 


Stable Manners 

Class 2 and 3 put on a truly fantastic Christmas performance. Amazing solos, dancing eggs and incredible acting. No doubt it will be appearing on the West End soon! A huge well done to Mrs Wright and Mrs Dunn, who with the amazing help of our wonderful TAs, helped to put on this show piece. The children were absolute stars!


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