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Why are farms important to us? 

Nursery and Class 1 visited a local organic dairy farm. The children walked through the fields and orchards to the farm. James the farmer answered the children's questions and explained the milking process. The children also got to feed the hay to the cows. On the way home, the children also visited some donkeys. The whole experience generated lots of questions and has inspired the children's learning. 


Hands On Learning 

Class 1 have hands on learners making clay tiles and pinch pots to explore ways of shaping clay and creating different animal textures to be used for their animal sculptures. 


Ash Wednesday Liturgy  

Rev Chloe carried out an Ash Wednesday Liturgy this week. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent and is the first of the forty days of Lent leading up to Easter.  

The forty days refer to the time Jesus spent in the desert after being baptised in the Jordan by John and before beginning his public ministry. 

Children and staff who requested were blessed and given the mark of the cross on their foreheads, made from a paste of ash and holy oil. 


Wild Tribe 

Class 2 have started their block of Wild Tribe lessons every Wednesday afternoon as part of our partnership with Arena. The children were lucky to enjoy a break in the rain to get outside and learn some new skills. The activities were linked to the children's 'Why Save the Rainforest?' topic. Lots of the children particularly like using the cordless drill!


High 5 Netball 

Congratulations once again to our High 5 Netball Team who won a fantastic match against Looe. Both teams played incredibly well and Duloe squeezed home by just one goal. Duloe and Looe showed excellent sportsmanship and all the spectators were incredibly impressed by the children's level of skill and commitment.   


Courageous Advocacy  

Courageous Advocacy

This half-term, Creative Day had a Courageous Advocacy and charity theme. Each class selected a charity to raise money for. A total of £303.08 was raised! Class 1 raised money for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Class 2 for the Bush Fires Appeal and Class 3 split their money raised between the Children's Liver Disease Foundation and Orangutan Veterinary Aid.

Throughout the day, the children carried out a range of activities, including cooking, dance, violins and a myriad of art sessions.

Class 3 also had a hugely informative talk about climate change and social action by a guest speaker.

In preparation for Truro Cathedrals service for Children and Young People, the children designed welcome banners for the service and slate designs for the roof of Truro Cathedral, that will be entered into a county wide competition.

At the end of the day, children ran stalls to raise money for their charities. Thank you for the wonderful support from all our families who attended this event. A special thanks to the PTFA who provided teas and coffees.

Today really showed all that is great about Duloe and saw us living our ethos: An adventure for the mind and a home for the heart, for all God's children. 



Australian Author 

We have been incredibly lucky to have another visit from a professional author. Claire Saxby was in Duloe on holiday from Australia and kindly volunteered her time as well as some of her books to the school. She read a different one of her books to each class and answered the many questions the children had about Australia, her books and what life is like as an author. You can find more about Claire's books at https://clairesaxby.wordpress.com/ 


Boys who love Books 

We had another visit from the Library Service van this week and these lucky lads had the pleasure of choosing 60 new books for our school library. It was great to see how popular the boys choices were and see the new books flying off the shelves. 


Sibling Stories 

After lunch on a Thursday at Duloe, we have a shared reading time where children from different classes enjoy a story with each other. This week we had some wonderful examples of siblings reading to each other. 


High 5 Netball 

A huge congratulations to our High 5 Netball squad who won a tremendous match this week. Not only did they show great skill and perseverance, more importantly they demonstrated excellent sportsmanship. .


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